Welcome to Soap and Smiles! 🙂

I'm Liz, the owner and creator of Soap and Smiles. I share my passion of art through the process of creating hand crafted soaps.

I worked a 9-5 job in Corporate that didn't fulfill me as a person. I felt I was not spending enough time with my daughters. I knew I wanted a flexible schedule that allowed me to earn a living but spend quality time with my family. I started making soaps for our family and friends. I found the creative process therapeutic and inspiring at the same time. Being a graphic designer, I loved being able to express my creativity through different designs, colors, and themes.

Creating fun and colorful soaps brings me to a happy place and hope to uplift your mind, body and soul through my art. My passion lies in how you feel after using our soaps. Soap and Smiles is not just about soap, it's about developing an emotional connection with my customers after using our products. 

My goal is to bring joy and a happy heart. Each of our creations is hand crafted with attention to detail to deliver an ultimate customer experience.

All of my products are made with all-natural ingredients and essential oils. Many of the big brands out there use fillers to prolong shelf-life. I strongly disagree with this practice, as I believe that anything you put on your skin needs to be nourishing and natural.

I hope you find that perfect gift, party favor, or something to pamper yourself and those you love!

With a warm heart,