Natural Hemp BUTTER 
Established since 2018 

We have been helping many people that suffer aches and pains for the last 5 years. 
Our products are sourced with all-natural ingredients and proudly made in the USA.
Our  Natural Hemp BUTTER is Vegan, Made in the USA with all-natural ingredients.
We have 2oz & 4oz JARS 
Our products are made with our customers in mind. Our Hemp Butter is Vegan friendly and perfect for sensitive skin. This butter helps with dry, itchy and flaky skin as well as with sunburn. A little goes a long way. Use as needed.
We highly recommend using daily as needed and allow at least 20-30 minutes for the body to absorb the oils and butter. Organically grown hemp and hemp roots have been used for thousands of years as a topically applied remedy for bone and muscle aches, joint pain, inflammation, and generalized pain. 
Other ingredients that are beneficial are:
Vitamin E / Shea Butter / Cocoa Butter / Coconut Oil

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